Green Acres RV Park

Park Rules and Regulations

We are pleased to have you as our guest. For your safety and comfort, please observe the following:

CHECK OUT TIME is 12 NOON   If you wish to stay another day, please re-register before 11 AM. If your site was previously reserved by another guest, you will be required to vacate, or change to an available site.

QUIET HOURS are 10 PM to 8 AM   Please be considerate of your neighbors, no loud music at any time.

SPEED LIMIT   The 5 MPH speed limit within the park and park entrance is important for your safety and the safety of your neighbors and guests. Repeated offenses will get you kicked out of the park.

PARKING   No parking in the street (this is a required fire lane) or on the lawns. You will be responsible for damage to irrigation lines if your vehicle leaves the pavement.

PETS   Pets must be kept on a hand-held leash when outside your RV, and must not be left unattended or cause disturbances to others. Pet food dishes are not permitted outside, they attract un-welcome critters.

We allow well behaved dogs that do not display aggressive behavior. We do not allow the following breeds or mixed breeds: Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Doberman Pincer, Rottweiler or Chow Chow.

PET AREA   Pets may be exercised on the grassy area on the south side of the park behind the dumpster. Owners are responsible to immediately clean up after their pets. No pets allowed in the pool area. Failure to comply with these pet rules shall give management the right to ask the tenant to leave the park immediately.

Pet owners are liable for any damages caused by the pet.

UTILITIES   All water lines must have a regulator; the local water pressure is 85 psi. All sewer lines must be completely sealed and leak free.  Please be gentle with the electrical plugs. Report any issues with utilities to management immediately.

TRASH   Can be placed in the dumpster on the left side of the road as you enter.  Plastic and aluminum recycles can be placed in the containers in the laundry room. No garbage shall accumulate around your outdoor space.

LAUNDRY   Is for tenant use only. Please remove clothes as soon as they are done. A wash cycle takes approximately 30 minutes. No smoking in the laundry room.

SMOKING   Outside smoking should be confined to your space. No smoking in any common areas or on the street. All butts will be disposed of properly in the trash. No butts on the ground.

WATERING   Outside irrigation comes on automatically during nighttime hours. Please keep all articles inside during nighttime hours.

BICYCLES   May be ridden on the pavement only. You must comply with state helmet laws while riding in the park.

POOL   The pool is for tenant use only. Children must be accompanied by an adult and be potty trained. There is no lifeguard on duty, use of proper swim attire is required.

SORRY   No vehicle washing, oil changes, vehicle repair, outside storage, clothes lines or tents allowed.

LIABILITY/DISCLAIMER   Tenants are responsible for all damages to the site and its amenities incurred during their stay. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and are not responsible for accidents, injuries or losses of any kind to the property of any occupant or guest of the park.

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